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ACI Technology : Expert de maintenance informatique à Paris
Supériorité de Maintenance Informatique Chez ACI

Supériorité de Maintenance Informatique Chez ACI


ACI Technology offers a high quality service of maintenance informatique in low price.

The Superiority of ACI Maintenance Informatique

Pack Maintenance Illimitée is the mainly serving product of ACI Technology. It is designed for small and medium companies and contains multiple services. It offers comprehensive maintenance informatique from network to servers, from hardware to software, from PC to Mac… The only purpose for the pack is to make the clients be easily updating, modifying the whole information system – because we can take care all of them.

  • The mainly services in Pack Maintenance Illimitée are in 8 aspects:
        ACI Technology AuditAudit de votre parc informatique
        ACI Technology Télé-assistance illimitéTélé-assistance illimitée
        ACI Technology intervention sur site illimitéInterventions sur site ilimitées
        ACI Technology Kit de suivi de votre système d'informationKit de suivi de votre système d'information
        ACI Technology TélésauvegardeTélésauvegarde (1 Go offert/poste)
        ACI Technology Administration des serveursAdministration des serveurs
        ACI Technology Télé-surveillanceTélé-surveillance 7J/7 24h/24
        ACI Technology Suivi et conseilSuivi et conseil
              Maintenance Informatique


As mentioned above, ACI Technology provides high-quality and comprehensive maintenance informatique services, when processes are done, the clients could handover all their technique documents or user guides to ACI technique team meanwhile the team will take all responsibilities. If accident occurs, even if a phone call or an e-mail, the technicians will handle with it immediately. If the clients need technical advices, they could put their questions on company website (GLPI) and a technician will answer them in half-a-day.  ACI Technology is offering the lowest prices in the whole field. 

ACI Technology, your best cooperator in maintenance informatique.

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